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Jules Suzdaltsev

Happy President’s Day to Barack Obama, you know, the last President to *actually* win an election, AND the popular…

User Profile Link : People

U.S. Ice Dancing Siblings Have Some Special Hats They Want to Give to Popular K-Pop Group BTS

User Profile Link : Gabriel Rufián
Gabriel Rufián

Tribunales incompetentes juzgando delitos inexistentes de personas inocentes con VOX como acusación popular. Por s…


RT @GJCabelloC3K: La Paz es la garantía más grande del éxito de la Revolución Bolivariana,de las conquistas/victorias democráticas del pode…

Ó Donnghaile

@DarrylUUP @Davy_SPB @stephen82754737 @WestBelfastUPRG @bighilti @impongo2 Actually lost for words. How anyone can…


RT @amarysmarche_: I’ll take a solid nigga over a popular nigga anyday 💯

Dian Puji Astuti

RT @kpopredictions_: A popular girl group member from big 3 companies will start to date in 2018.

Diego 👑

RT @Yiyi_Ochoa: Noto un sentimiento anti-Boca generalizado, en radio, en TV, en el laburo, en la calle, de magnitud nacional no popular. El…


RT @lyfandlove: Mic Drop remix by @BTS_twt ft @steveaoki and @desiigner on Qatar radio 97.5 again. It's second time today. This track is po…

User Profile Link : Spotlight Stationery
Spotlight Stationery

Black and gold, such a stylish combination! This ever-popular #stationery collection would make a wonderful gift.…

Fitzcarraldo Çilva

RT @FotosDeFatos: Música tocada nas ruas de SP e Rio de Janeiro durante o carnaval de 1920, a canção encontra-se no livro "A Música Popular…


RT @boggypop: This is how the mean-girls culture thrive. You associate yourself with the most popular, the prettiest, the untouchable and t…


@Ieavesmealone Yes lol she leaves when the guys fame slows down a bit and moves on to the one who is the most talke…

Mind Your Eye

RT @Alyssa_Milano: Also popular in 1791 (the year the 2nd amendment was adopted)

rob trickey

RT @Alyssa_Milano: Also popular in 1791 (the year the 2nd amendment was adopted)

Elizabeth Ford

RT @Alyssa_Milano: Also popular in 1791 (the year the 2nd amendment was adopted)

Gwyn Becker

RT @Alyssa_Milano: Also popular in 1791 (the year the 2nd amendment was adopted)

User Profile Link : Micro SF/F stories
Micro SF/F stories

** I collect all my serial tweet stories - like this one - on my website: This one is quit…

MVM Televisión

En caso de no recibir un cargo de representación popular en elecciones dejaría al PRI: @hectorpablo_ @PRI_Nacional…

Sara Labor

RT @racheleklein: My mother-in-law is visiting & I told my 14-year old to make menus for brunch this morning & they just invented the most…


RT @EsotericExposal: DEODORANT WARNING: Aluminum salts found in popular antiperspirant products cause tumor growth

User Profile Link : Deion Speaks
Deion Speaks

@RiotingSpectre I guess the most popular stuff would be the easy answer. Though, for the specific reason of turning…

User Profile Link : Cidade de Votorantim
Cidade de Votorantim

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva “Tudo me é lícito, mas nem tudo me convém” Fez tudo que fez, traiu a fé popular...

Grape Monster 🍇

RT @btsduality: BTS also has U.S. moms whipped 😂. Popular mom website @romper wrote about the opening ceremony and mentioned BTS and how ev…

User Profile Link : RNV Informativa
RNV Informativa

@enla_palestra agradecemos la participación vía telefónica de nuestro invitado el Ministro del Poder Popular para e…

User Profile Link : pressdigital

El Santander reclama al expresidente de Banco Popular Ángel Ron 12,8 millones

User Profile Link : Edith Parra
Edith Parra

RT @exploregod: "Be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the #hope that you have." —1 Peter 3:15 #Exp…

User Profile Link : byron cabrera
byron cabrera

RT @marcelaguinaga: ¡Se vuelven a burlar de los ecuatorianos! Casi todos los integrantes de las ternas para el CPCCS Transitorio tienen pas…

Peg Leg Jim

RT @Logic_Triumphs: Barack Obama just hit 100 million followers. Donald Trump is not even at 50 million. Don't tell Donnie. And definitely…

User Profile Link : Kenza. 🌸
Kenza. 🌸

RT @dylanmarron: Three years ago I made a video series called Every Single Word where I edited down popular movies to only the words spoken…

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