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An Analyst Looked For The Most Popular Words And Seasons In Korean Songs: Here’s What He Found…

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Statistics Chart Shows Just How Popular GOT7 Really Is…And It’s Scary

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Club Cerro Porteño

Luego del difícil momento que pasaron fuimos a visitar y llevar algunos presentes a nuestras abuelitas, socias hono…


RT @IVANGIDI: Las candidaturas independientes, ese derecho humano para que ciudadanos sin partido accedan a un cargo de elección popular, p…


I think what's hurting the @Seahawks most in free agency is not being the it team, free agent players used to make…

Amanda Jean 🤘🏻💖

I have a huge crush and he works at a very popular local music venue and a photographer I follow posted a pic of my…


honestly bruno mars the only person still making bops even though popular music has gone to shit — i’ve only heard…

Jorge González

RT @vladimirpadrino: No son soldados, no son fuerzas especiales, no son cadetes; son hombres y mujeres del pueblo que aman a su patria y es…

maíra loves tina desai

RT @NetflixLifee: Looking for a new drama to binge-watch this weekend? These are the most popular options. We recommend all of them. https:…

Valen _Persa

RT @RiverPlateAR: Te cogimo' en dos copas Y fuimos a Japón Alla en la bombonera Tu hinchada abandonó Querías la revancha Te dimos la final…


RT @PasquinDeM: @alevel2012 @rosamariabartra Correcto, nadie se quejo cuando filmaron y distribuyeron la revisión del local de Fuerza Popul…


@JaidenAnimation @wolfychuuu or @JordanSweeto and then one of them getting suplex outta there for being awesome and…


Share this Video Around because Im worried for YouTubers like @_RebeccaParham and @theodd1sout and Many others soon…

#BASTADeMachismo #EstadoDeDerecha

RT @victorsmaria: Mañana domingo 18 de marzo se realizará la primera reunión de agrupaciones del Campo Nacional y Popular de CABA, 1era y 3…

Bianca Kich 🇮🇩

RT @lacerdacarlos08: ATENÇÃO: CINCO TORCIDAS DA DUPLA GRENAL ESTÃO PUNIDAS: Medida cautelar foi publicada hoje pelo Juizado do torcedor.…

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Meliii 🇦🇹

GreNAL sem a Popular e a Geral? AAAAAAAAAAA 🤦🏽

Healty Widnie

RT @camrantula: I’m a popular loner. I know a lot of people and a lot of people know me but my circle small and usually by myself.


RT @bbyfacekobe: rather be respected then popular

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Cole 🇵🇷

Who hurt you .. not all niggas are the same despite popular belief.

Nunes 🇦🇹

RT @_vargasmatheus: A geraldo tava punida já, como foi punida de novo? A popular tava lá no 7, como foi punida? O mp é uma vergonha, a co…

Isaac Sialer

RT @larepublica_pe: Poder Judicial evalúa esta noche (desde las 10:00 p. m.) impedimento de salida del país para Yoshiyama, Bedoya y Briceñ…

Sallie Mullikin

RT @DogForeverLover: Kurashiki Yoi-Akari 2015

Linda Ness

RT @MeetAnimals: ''I’m veryyyyy popular around here .. before breakfast at least. 😜''

U.S. Bennett

@ironmikeluke @JasonScheer I was actually reading up on it. The “Blocker Mover” offense - was curious to see what t…

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Syracuse Nostalgia

RT @syrnostalgia: Episode 14 of the Syracuse Nostalgia Podcast is now online and features part one of a two part interview with 2CW owner J…


RT @VLADIMIR_CERRON: Recibimiento caluroso de Perú Libre en Selva Central es resultado del balance histórico que hace el pueblo ante dos go…

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Found this: Fortnite v3.3 Update Released, Adds Remote Explosives, Supply Llamas, More - Epic Games has now release…


RT @BlueMoonRiver_: April 8th Geumcheon Harmony Cherry Blossom Festival Popular singer #MONSTA_X Festival ending show…


RT @mirossexxxy_df: Que pereza que escriban y escriban puras pendejadas al querer ofender Ni me quitan el sueño y no vivo angustiada. Mejo…


@recDNA @AnnBrow30209255 @Brian_Hjelle @oldladydem I think the enormity of her popular vote - larger than ANY white…

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