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Barry Jenkins

BLACK PANTHER is PEAK double consciousness. It’s a Marvel movie, sure. And a blockbuster, absolutely, covers those…

User Profile Link : Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

“Consider this: a film that explores what it means to be black, centered on a black superhero, featuring a mostly-b…

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Marvel Entertainment

Tweet ⭐ if you're listening to "All the Stars" by @KendrickLamar and @SZA this weekend. #BlackPanther

Nokya Dunnel

RT @Marvel: Marvel Studios' #BlackPanther is the #1 movie in the world. Have you seen it yet? Get tickets: https://…


RT @RealMYoung23: Marvel vs DC


RT @THR: .@letitiawright: "I'm proud to be a young black girl doing this, but also as much as this is for young black women to be inspired,…

Janice Ryks Coogan

RT @neontaster: First teaser for the most anticipated Marvel sequel: Black Panther: The Winter Rhino


RT @Iokified: marvel: we finally decide to give loki solo movie loki:

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RT @RealMYoung23: Marvel vs DC


RT @RealMYoung23: Marvel vs DC


RT @usblm: The director of #BlackPanther Ryan Coogler. (Only 31) He had $900k budget for Fruitvale Station it made 16 mil. Had 40 mil bud…

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Three Spooky

RT @RealMYoung23: Marvel vs DC

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I got Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is your soulmate, Sharon Carter is your ex, Pepper Potts is the one who got away!

Kyle Shuri is the Best Speicher

@FotoCub You're about Marvel. We did have a Dora Milaje focused book. World of Wakanda. Spotlight on two members Ay…

*insert Star Wars name*


Paul Joseph Thotson

RT @3yeAmHe: Marvel’s white superheroes got “Man” and “Woman” in their names. Why Black Panther don’t? Because that nigga’s an animal. A fu…

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RT @filmgob: My friend was viciously assaulted by two Marvel fans for not looking giddy with joy after seeing Black Panther. Still think M…

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Sharkitooo :3

Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube PANTERA NEGRA MUDA A MARVEL | OmeleTV

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Tim Shustoff

Really enjoyed @theblackpanther. @Marvel finally broke a streak of rather bland villains with @michaelb4jordan…

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Junior Style

New post: ‘@lookslikemeUK Celebrates The Hero In Us All’ with images inspired by Marvel’s new film Black Panther -…


@michaelb4jordan yooo performance was excellent job well done loved it but lawd that haircut is only ok in the movi…

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Temitayo. #WakandaForever

RT @DejjLoso: Need to go back and do a Marvel marathon before infinity War

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RT @MarleeMatlin: Open captions are the best option - definitely. "Deaf Activist Calls For Better Movie Theater Captioning Systems Followin…

Paige Frigaard

RT @RealMYoung23: Marvel vs DC

User Profile Link : bailey the white wolf ♡
bailey the white wolf ♡

RT @laughing_place: ICYMI, Marvel's "Black Panther" had the fifth best opening weekend ever and the second best Sunday ever:…

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[와칸다이민감] 귤님 53.0kg🔫

RT @HO_h5: 블랙팬서 낙서

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Devin Habig

RT @theblackpanther: The cast of Marvel Studios' #BlackPanther looked like royalty at the South African premiere! (1/2)…

Neshun E.

RT @theblackpanther: The cast of Marvel Studios' #BlackPanther looked like royalty at the South African premiere! (1/2)…


RT @jkthenewwave: I think we should talk about Shuri. She’s a young black girl who is responsible for Wakanda’s modern technology. A Black…

Airi Akitsuki

RT @ecchihotaruart: LOOKS THAT LOVE ... ❤️❤️ X23 do not forget to follow me if you want to see it finished and more of my drawings (: X23 b…

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