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i am obsessed with this. my favorite song you've ever done !!!!! love you @ShawnMendes 💜💜💜💜 #InMyBlood

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Shawn Mendes

Overwhelmed with the love! Reading everything you guys are saying, thank you so much!

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🐹 We're all smiles for #JinAppreciationDay 😁! Dad jokes aside, tell us what you love about Jin! #BTSxYouTubeRed…


“Without love, we are birds with broken wings.” -Morrie.

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Don’t we all love to take a peek in the #future ? Jami Sorsa from @ABBSuomi gives the #energybuildings audience a l…


RT @asa_gao45: 昔描いたBL(bug love)漫画を清書しました


RT @ringostarrmusic: Another busy day for Sir. Ringo. peace and love peace and love

Madi Tuesday

RT @PoemsPorn: she is the kind of girl with so much love to give and she kept giving and giving and received nothing in return but stil…


RT @yg_sales: 2018 Digital Index |Top 100| Week 11 2. iKON: Love Scenario 39. Epik High: Love Story 48. Zion.T: Snow 52. Blackpink: As if…


it’s 2am, good night mutuals. i love yoonmin and y’all ❤️

shida 🏳️‍🌈

Im reading this hella cute manga called 'Lily Love' (& of course its gay themed whod i be if it wasn't) and its mad…


RT @PropertyOf_Diva: My Mistress @FetishVanessa is the most beautiful person in the world!!! My heart is totally in love for @FetishVanessa…

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RT @tracichee: I’ve been working on painted eggs inspired by Japanese textiles and origami paper. I love how these cherry blossom eggs turn…

63 947 378 0031

RT @MiraTMansterr: MaiChard is love Alam na alam kung saan Ang nunal ni patrick😂😂 Ctto Ts1 #ALDUBAngNagiisa

마이_임재범 (´∀`)♡

RT @jbumloops: do you ever love someone so much your heart just. bursts. #재범 #갓세븐


RT @YEAHITSMEJESSY: I started supporting you without doubts, and I will support you until the end without hate and disappointment but only…

song lyric bot

Oh, show me your love, your love

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Baby G

@CoastalMusicEx2 My band Shinobi Ninja released our video #WhatIfTimes Would love to know your thoughts! Check it o…


RT @sengmong: We happy to be with International fan. Let's stay together without changing our minds of SungWoon. Love Gureumdan of worldwi…

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助けて。 iPhoneの学習?変換に殺される :(´◦ω◦`):ガクブル

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ชญานนท์ หาเรือนจักร์

Piano Love Songs Vol.1 รวมเพลงรัก บรรเลงเปียโน ข้อมูลจาก @YouTube

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@Skythefox09 I love everything you do to me Mommy!


RT @unasaka0309: 学校では委員長として規律正しく立ち回るも周囲の生徒からは煙たがられ、家では父親からのDVに苦しむ。そんな孤独を癒すため始めたYoutubeで彼女が出会った一人の元気ハツラツな少女、樋口楓。誰とでも分け隔てなく接する彼女に徐々に心惹かれていく月ノ…

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RT @hoefool: I still choose to love you.


RT @Spain_ryo: >うらさかでホラゲをして怖がっているうらたさんをお願いします! あのうらたん可愛かった。(いつもかわいい)

sim chii

RT @changminnie_max: チャンミンの日本語練習帳 「かっとなる」を1つの単語として覚えていたり 「迫る=逼る」まで 「図星」をハングルにするとこう表記するとか 「そり」を漢字で「橇」って書く事も初めて知り チャンミンからまた改めて学ばせてもらった 人生日々勉…

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RT @mikaelapeach: im in love with your ass u stupid mf

Magda Galetti

RT @ziziosama2gmail: Love..❤ He is awake and does not want to move so as not awaken her 💕

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TwitchTV Online

RT @Midwest_Vet2: Hello all. I’m gonna be going live at around 9am CT. Would love y’all tocome hang out and chat me up and if ya like the t…

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I love when my insomnia is like, “sah dude”.

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