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#LeeJongHyun Thanks #Chanyeol And #ChoiTaeJoon For Their Thoughtful And Amusing Food Support

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BBC News (World)

Meet Louis - the gorilla who walks upright to avoid getting his hands - or food - dirty. 🦍🍅🍅

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Stephen King

The pedestrian fatality in Tempe, Ariz. is very sad, but the immediate assumption that the self-driving car was at…


RT @ARanganathan72: Where's the water? Where's the food? Oh but 2050 is far away! My piece on Interlinking of Rivers, A Bend in the River h…


@ongnielstigma I hope they have food dates omg i miss ongniel food dates 😭😭😭


RT @arepyong: Me when eating fast food at 11pm before sleeping.


God bless iz an. Finally I have a food huhu (@ Mirana Omey Paradise in Irbid, Irbid Governorate)


RT @SiLenT__HeartT: #जीवसुरक्षा #SaintMSG_Initiative45 we believe that all creatures have the right to a sanitised environment, good food…

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RT @41Strange: Japanese wood carving artist Seiji Kawasaki creates ultra-realistic looking food made out of wood

Adelaide Miotto

RT @afdbfoodcuisine: #women account for nearly #half of the #world’s #smallholder #farmers and #produce 70% of #Afr…

The BandMan

Whole bunch of night I went to sleep with no food now up and I’m just think about my next move

Brooke X

RT @PariaFaezi: Being in a relationship deffo makes you more of a piggy🐷 my weekends revolve around “what goodies shall we get?” “Maccies…


RT @ImaanZHazir: When my brother was younger, he asked my mum 2 go heat some food in the kitchen 4 him. My dad was FURIOUS: "Allah ne dou h…

Giovanni Meledandri

RT @BBCWorld: Meet Louis - the gorilla who walks upright to avoid getting his hands - or food - dirty. 🦍🍅🍅

Health Tips

Every run counts. Every bit of junk food hurts. Do a few push-ups. Run another minute. Get BETTER results!

Lorraine Eco-therapy

RT @karenmeehan44: Mays answer for everything “ we’re spending more on social care, more on nhs, more on disability than ever before” well…

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RT @hannahwphoto: ‘May Contain Food, May Contain You’ by @proteindance at @GrampoundHall > AMAZING show a must see < Dinner & Dancing explo…

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demia .

RT @tufairies: When i share my food with her

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Rumah Cemilan

Kribo Basreng Rasa Pedas

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Garam garam kachori khaane ka to maza hi kuch aur hai jee 😄 Apki favourite kachori konsi hai? 🤔 . . . #NewDelhi…

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Dr. Slushiest

'Icey Poki' Brings Poke & Rolled Ice Cream To Evergreen - KGO-TV

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RT @loa_thesecret: If you have family that loves you, a few good friends, food on your table and a roof over your head. You are richer than…

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Lesley Hayes

RT @FYICarmarthen: Books for all ages, writers to be discovered, great food and shopping... @LlandeiloLitFst end of next month... https://t…


@MRobertsQLD Have you seen this, Malcolm? From the document "Life Cycle Assessment of Grocery Carrier Bags" publish…


RT @madaan10: Under the guidance of #SaintMSG_Initiative45 @derasachasauda is Providing food ,Shelter and Medical to stray animals. #जीवसुर…


Food is so important to me and when somebody brings me food.. i just..... you really fuck with me

Gregory Allen Leeds

Biological control and sustainable food production

Sue Gray

RT @daverussell: RT @hawkins_carole 6% COUNCIL TAX RISE 2018/19 prisons will be overflowing. Non payment = PRISON SENTENCE. More homeless…

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💞A'lanna's Muvaa💞

ok so boom i stop n got food but not really hungry na any other time i wake up one starving ass bx 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

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RT @voice21oracy: Daniel from @fulbridge_acad gives all the adults in the room food for thought with the first contribution to our workshop…

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