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Donald J. Trump

The Mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime. It was base…

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Nicolle Wallace

To all my republican friends who think they can sit out the Trump era and hope for great SCOTUS picks, your time is…

User Profile Link : Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC

What a day for the Reds. 🙌😄🙌

RT @BradNitzWSB: Congratulations on the pregnancy! I'd like point out to @iamcardib that children are expensive...this is not a money move.…

🌸Mah Rodrigues🌸

RT @TeamRealitysBR: Breno falando que a culpa é da Ana Clara deles não estarem ficando até agora... #BBB18


RT @BarstoolClemson: .@GabeDeVoe10 from a billion feet away

Laura Alencar

RT @Fla_Humor: "Ensinai-vos a teus filhos o caminho certo"

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RT @info_apartment: Whether you manage an apartment, boat, caravan, cottage, house, room or villa, this list should give you a great starti…

뉴이스트W 콘서트 A나 B구역 양도구해요!! 원가이니어도 상관없으니 디엠 편하게 남겨주세요! #양도 #막콘양도 #뉴이스트W #뉴이스트W콘서트 #막콘 #콘서트

jam MDO

Ta paz a Itália, desce bola de fogo 🍹

User Profile Link : STLhighschoolsports

RT @pHalfacre_STL: It's been such a fun season, why not play more? We're going to overtime as Liddell's buzzer beater rims out

Lisa C.

RT @mikandynothem: On this #StPatricksDay, we are thankful for a President who realizes he needs GOD more than ever because of the weight o…

User Profile Link : welinson

Queria te falar uma música: Quero Te Teeeeer, Te ter, e só te terrr 🎶 — Queria te falar uma música: A gente não po…

User Profile Link : Bro_show_ gaming 🎮
Bro_show_ gaming 🎮

I liked a @YouTube video This Kid Sounds Like Iron Man... (Video From Facebook)


@usplaymoney Keep spreading lies you hear on Fake Fox. Soon the truth will hit you square in the eyes and you’ll se…


RT @basavaraj_gb: We Kannadigas like2see in theatres a #Kannadeekarana version|Dubbed in Kannada version Kannadeekarana/Dubbing has begun i…

Martha Almendas

@atenogenesR @SPIApanama Sobre otros temas, prefieren hacerse de la vista gorda. Las inspecciones deben hacerse a diario!

Kenzie 🌻

RT @Sour_bear: Y’all 19-22 acting like ya gon be forever alone. Stop being a bitch and live your life, you’re young as fuck. Love isn’t eve…


RT @DavidSuzukiFDN: Cape Town is entering its fourth year of drought and its four-million residents could see their taps turned off by May…

Tauke Perfume

RT @IIoT_World: To succeed in a world heading toward autonomous #manufacturing, #OEMs must think differently, turning from a product-focuse…

User Profile Link : ALEX HAYNES

A real bitch.

Patricia Valentyn

RT @RepAdamSchiff: The President, through his lawyer, called on DOJ to end Mueller probe. Obstruction of justice is no less a threat to our…

User Profile Link : Jesús Alberto🚀💯
Jesús Alberto🚀💯

Luego fuimos al parque, me regaló una chapa de Marvel.. Despues fuimos a los palos grandes y me compró pancitos dul…

User Profile Link : Angeline Melyssa
Angeline Melyssa

#Pineapple baby🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍 de @karolg la máxima 🍍🍍🍍me encanta esta canción,el vídeo todo,amo a Karol G, amo sus histori…

Alkmino Sagthaer

RT @BTS_Billboard: [📣] ARMY, as you all may know by now, Next Big Sound released a statement informing us that they would no longer be inc…


RT @jinkookw: the most handsome face of a whole eternity: kim taehyung @BTS_twt

Rodrigo Aguilar

RT @Winston_Dunhill: El jueves le manda unas remeras firmadas y bendecidas a un mafioso, chorro y asesino, el sábado te pide perdón si algo…


RT @papelpop: “Eles estão falando pro nosso presidente ir embora”, avisa fã para Katy Perry, que se desespera com o “Fora Temer” em cima do…


@limpio_trigo Estoy mayor,va a llover,si me caigo 😱la cadera 😱 Jajajajajaja*lloro*

Mica 🌌

RT @cancer_hn: #CÁNCER: odias a la gente que pasa de todo, a los que no se implican en las relaciones, las infidelidades, a la gente fría q…

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